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  Astrology 2.0
All things Astrology; post all new Topics in this Forum (Moderated by lalalinda)
27465 512892 April 24, 2014
02:04 AM
Chat about Astrology; you can respond to current strings, but please do not post any new Topics (Moderated by lalalinda)
19864 292217 April 23, 2014
10:05 AM
  Asteroid Astrology
All you ever wanted to know about Asteroids and Fixed Stars but were afraid to ask (Moderated by Ami Anne, iQ, ail221, and Gabby)
2800 36003 April 23, 2014
02:59 PM
Ami Anne, iQ, ail221, Gabby
  Astrology For Beginners
This Forum is for basic Topics related to Astrology and also for beginners to get their feet wet--no question is too simple, so don't be shy about asking (Moderated by Ami Anne and RunAroundScreaming)
1760 20665 April 23, 2014
06:08 PM
Ami Anne, RunAroundScreaming
  Brown Owl School
An interactive school for learning various esoteric arts, including but not limited to, Astrology, Vedic Astrology, Chinese Astrology, Chaldean Numerology, and Tarot; like Linda's childhood group, the Brown Owls, you just might learn how to make mountains fly (Moderated by Ami Anne, Doux RÍve, SDragon, and Ellynlvx)
159 4934 April 23, 2014
04:44 PM
Ami Anne, Doux RÍve, SDragon, Ellynlvx
  Personal Readings
In order to unclutter our Forums, if you are asking for any kind of personal reading (Astrology, Tarot, Palmistry, or Relationships) or are offering FREE readings of any type, this is the Forum to post them (Moderated by littlecloud, EmpressMendez, andstuff, and Jessica2407)
11310 161548 April 24, 2014
02:03 AM
littlecloud, EmpressMendez, andstuff, Jessica2407
  Astral Realms
Dreams, dreamers, and interpretations (Moderated by Ra, littlecloud, Desiring Shadows, and cappy1277)
3328 24455 April 23, 2014
08:54 PM
Ra, littlecloud, Desiring Shadows, cappy1277
  Lexigram Magic
Delve into the mysteries of words and phrases, and see what secret meanings the word druids have hidden in them (Moderated by Lexxigramer)
1460 20119 April 23, 2014
10:06 AM
  While The Soul Slumbers
Unlocking the secrets of the Uni-verse using Chaldean numerology as Linda described in Star Signs (Moderated by Gooober, sesame, Chahldean, and Nine)
372 4599 April 23, 2014
10:07 AM
Gooober, sesame, Chahldean, Nine
  Through The Looking Glass
Tarot, Kabala, and other forms of Divination, including prophecies and predictions (Moderated by Linda's friend, Aselzion, Jessica2407, and DaniPepper87)
1131 11639 April 23, 2014
04:47 PM
Aselzion, Jessica2407, DaniPepper87
  Lindaland Central 2.0
A general discussion gathering-place where you can talk about anything you like that's not listed in another Forum description; make new friends, lend support, and share inspirational stories (Moderated by charmainec, juniperb, and Lexxigramer)
4587 84500 April 24, 2014
01:48 AM
charmainec, juniperb, Lexxigramer
  Lindaland Central
A general discussion gathering-place where you can talk about anything you like; you can respond to current strings, but please do not post any new Topics (Moderated by charmainec, juniperb, and Lexxigramer)
9505 173198 April 24, 2014
02:00 AM
charmainec, juniperb, Lexxigramer
  Teen Spirit
A Free-for-all Forum just for teens aged thirteen to nineteen; New Age and Spiritual subjects are encouraged (Moderated by Cancer/Scorpio729, Alma Sun, doommlord, and Chiemi)
421 9224 April 23, 2014
10:10 AM
Cancer/Scorpio729, Alma Sun, doommlord, Chiemi
  For Yellow Wax And The Ants
In honor of Linda's timeless Happiness Poem, this Forum is dedicated to Knowflake creativity--poems, art, lyrics, and short stories; if not original, you must credit the author (Moderated by Cancer/Scorpio729, Venus, and Pearlty)
2844 27268 April 23, 2014
09:02 AM
Cancer/Scorpio729, Venus, Pearlty
  Know Two Are Alike
Introduce yourself to the rest of the Knowflakes and tell us as much about yourself as you wish to share, but posting of any e-mail addresses is forbidden (Moderated by Alma Sun, Moonfish, charmainec, and virgolotus)
500 22216 April 23, 2014
10:22 AM
Alma Sun, Moonfish, charmainec, virgolotus
  Quirky Cuisine
Food is life, and it's more than just nourishment--it's a social staple; this Forum celebrates global cuisine and recipes from around the world (Moderated by charmainec and PlutoSurvivor)
355 4677 April 24, 2014
02:04 AM
charmainec, PlutoSurvivor
  Hearth And Home
Sit around the kitchen table, cuddle up on the floor near the warm and cozy fireplace with a comforter like Linda used to do, or just sit on the swing on the front porch...and have a casual conversation of complete randomness with your Lindaland family and close friends; this is a Forum about nothing (Moderated By Stawr, Venus, Lexxigramer, and charmainec)
406 21216 April 24, 2014
12:10 AM
Stawr, Venus, Lexxigramer, charmainec
  Linda's Life
Cripple Creek, Tesla, Linda's haunted slipping-off-the-time-track house, her marriages, her children, her poetry, and her Life; feel free to tell how Linda's writings have changed your Life (Moderated by mys-elf13)
457 11236 April 23, 2014
10:49 AM
  Oranges And Hyacinths
Cellular regeneration, reverse spirals, mental gravity, the illusion of time (the Eternal Now), societal conditioning and the business of death (life insurance companies, funerals, and other death merchants), and physical immortality (Moderated by your friendly neighborhood Immortals, Randall and emitres)
565 10419 April 23, 2014
10:14 AM
Randall, emitres
  The OOber Galaxy
An ongoing Group Discussion about Gooberz--a purely magickal and seemingly living book that changes to fit each reader and that is arguably Linda's greatest work (Moderated by Randall)
283 8656 April 23, 2014
12:35 PM
  Heathcliffe's Corner
ARF! ARF! Exclusively dedicated to Linda's talking sheepdog, although Heathcliffe has graciously agreed to allow us to use this Forum for Topics related to all our animal brothers and sisters (Moderated by Dee, BearsArcher, MoonWitch, and Alma Sun)
1696 10255 April 23, 2014
01:00 PM
Dee, BearsArcher, MoonWitch, Alma Sun
  Global Unity 2.0
The Aquarian Age promises eventual Peace on Earth, but whether we make the transition smoothly or have to endure the temporal threat of global imperialism will depend upon how each of us treats the other; in this Forum, we celebrate our cultural, national, and spiritual diversity as we each unite in Love and Light (Moderated by juniperb)
2514 40255 April 24, 2014
01:37 AM
  Global Unity
In this Forum, we celebrate our cultural, national, and spiritual diversity as we each unite in Love and Light; you can respond to current strings, but please do not post any new Topics (Moderated by Randall)
4943 71452 April 23, 2014
10:17 AM
  Gaia's Garden
Dedicated to Mother Earth and all those who Love her; feel free to discuss ecology and ecosystems, gardening, the environment, and any related subjects (Moderated by Ami Anne, starfox, and Violets)
520 6660 April 23, 2014
09:22 AM
Ami Anne, starfox, Violets
  The Spider Line
From the CIA's use of body doubles to President Nixon's secret yacht, Linda was very familiar with conspiracy theories, and one thing is certain--sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction; this Forum is for conspiracy theories of all types, and like the supposed body of Linda's deceased daughter, Sally, who bore no prominently identifying spider line scar, not all such theories are without merit (Moderated by SilverStone, iQ, Lei_Kuei, and aquaguy91)
238 3592 April 23, 2014
10:18 AM
SilverStone, iQ, Lei_Kuei, aquaguy91
  Aquarius Rising
This Forum celebrates diversity in all its manifestations; may the Aquarian Age bring equality to everyone, and in its dawn, bring an end to racism, sexism, and discrimination of every type (Moderated by juniperb, Stawr, Lexxigramer, and Venus)
117 2562 April 23, 2014
10:19 AM
juniperb, Stawr, Lexxigramer, Venus
  Uni-versal Codes
Star signs, fairies, dolphins, unicorns, psychic phenomena, ghosts, The Thunderbolt Path Of Accelerated Karma, Free-will Tinker Toys, reincarnation, deja vu, philosophy, avatars, GURUs, Isis and Osiris, UFOs, Twin S-elves, The Saturn Seven Cycle, Higher S-elf (Oversoul), astral travel, plant perception, and synchronicity (Moderated by SilverStone, Lei_Kuei, and Lexxigramer)
3948 55477 April 23, 2014
09:44 AM
SilverStone, Lei_Kuei, Lexxigramer
  For The Pilgrim's Progress
Linda's list of recommended books reads like a compendium of the New Age; while the other Forums are tailored for things Linda wrote about in her books, here you will find discussions on a wide range of Spiritual and occult Topics that Linda may not have written specifically about or only briefly touched upon, and New Age or occult book recommendations (Moderated by charmainec)
720 9866 April 23, 2014
12:25 PM
  Health And Healing
Rainbow diet, vegetarianism, veganism, fruitarianism, breatharianism, nutrition, herbal remedies, alternative therapies, meditation, chakras, the medical theocracy, purple plates, and the Body, Mind, and Soul connection for balanced healing; feel free to request White Light and healing for your S-elf, others, and for your pets (Moderated by Violets, Aries Eagle, and Gabby)
3159 33877 April 23, 2014
09:16 AM
Violets, Aries Eagle, Gabby
  Labors Of Love
Career, money, work, prosperity, abundance, and Linda's Money Mystique; talk about your dreams, aspirations, and job/career--including the most magnificent labor of Love there is--that of being a parent (Moderated by Lexxigramer)
474 8183 April 23, 2014
10:25 AM
  Soul Unions
Linda held a strong belief in the power of Love to overcome all odds, so (in dedication to Linda) this Forum is all about Love, romance, and relationships (Moderated by MysticMelody and MetalAphrodite)
4696 62942 April 23, 2014
10:27 AM
MysticMelody, Mystic Melody, MetalAphrodite
  Divine Diversities
While Linda grew up as a little girl searching the mysteries of the Uni-verse, she explored several different religions and belief systems; this Forum is dedicated to those diversities of belief that encompass what we call religion (Moderated by Lexxigramer, doommlord, and PixieJane)
700 14551 April 23, 2014
02:26 PM
Lexxigramer, doommlord, PixieJane
  Sweet Peas In The Rain
In her timeless book, Gooberz, Linda shared many of her most private sad and heart-wrenching experiences--the loss of her babies, depression, thoughts of suicide, and the pain of lost Love--and in this Forum we discuss the dark times that engulf us all from time to time, including understanding the differences between men and women, depression and other psychological disorders, suicide, the loss of a child, emotional/physical/sexual abuse, bullying, and anything else of a mature nature, but no sexually explicit language is allowed; no one is too Lost to be Linda's sparkling blue and silver Rosary in the snow...just Go And Smell A Rose...or Sweet Peas In The Rain (Moderated by Lexxigramer, Ami Anne, charmainec, and Venus)
1726 60956 April 24, 2014
01:34 AM
Lexxigramer, Ami Anne, charmainec, Venus

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