Linda Goodman was born during a spring thunderstorm on an April day. She has four children: a Goat, an Archer, a Water Bearer, and a Scorpio Eagle, who are currently pursuing their assured dreams, and with whom she celebrates Groundhog's Day and other important holidays frequently. Linda lives in the Colorado mountains with her dogs, Benjamin and Bear, Cancer and Gemini respectively. Ben and Bear are vegetarians. One is twelve years old and one is nine years old, so they are still puppies. A lion who was born free sometimes visits Linda's home, but is quite tame and friendly, despite an occasional grumpy growl. The author's favorite songs are "When You Wish Upon A Star," and "On A Clear Day," of which there are an abundance in her home town of Cripple Creek (stars and clear days). Her favorite perfume is vanilla extract and sweet peas in the rain. Her favorite book is A Wrinkle in Time. She is 5'4" or 5'5" depending on whether she is wearing shoes or is barefoot, so most of the time she is 5'4". So much for vital statistics and background.

—Linda Goodman in Gooberz, on the last page