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Furthermore, please be advised that each registrant is entitled to only one Username. Registering under more than one Username will result in dismissal. FLAMING THIS BOARD IS TAKEN VERY SERIOUSLY AND WILL RESULT IN A BAN. We reserve the right to approve registrations as we see fit and to delete anyone we feel is not compliant with our rules and at our sole discretion. Note that we are owned by a private company, but your postings are public and will appear on search engines. You can edit your posts, but you cannot delete them; nor will the Moderators or Admin delete them, so DON'T ASK! Be aware that once you post something, it will likely be on the search engines and stored in their cache' for many years. We are spidered by search engines almost constantly. Do not post real names, addresses, birthdates, e-mail addresses, or any other personally-identifying information on the site. If you do so, you alone shall bear the consequences, and by using the site, you agree to indemnify us and hold us blameless for any actions or liabilities arising from such. You may also be banned for doing so.

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NOTE: We support astrological accuracy in all chart analyses. If technical inaccuracies in a post are identified and confirmed by a reputable source, the poster should correct the error(s), or else a Moderator may edit out the information, and if the subject of the misinformation is the focus of a thread, it may be closed.

If you violate the rules, you will be issued a reminder [unless said violation(s) is/are egregious, and then you will be banned without warning]. If you continue to violate the rules, you will then be issued a formal warning. After that, you will be banned from the site. Please, feel free to post your opinions and even engage in healthy debate, but do not personally insult another member. This will not be tolerated. Stay on topic and on issues, but refrain from personal attacks. Each Forum has one or more Moderators who are authorized to issue warnings. If a Moderator is not available at the time for that particular Forum, another Forum's Moderator may intervene on that Moderator's behalf. The Webmaster may also issue warnings. By posting on the bulletin board, you agree to any subsequent updates of this Agreement, and it is your responsibility to keep yourself informed of said updates. The basic rule on Lindaland is the Golden Rule. Play nice. <3