elcome, every One, to, a site dedicated to the memory of our beloved Linda. Linda did not want to be re-MEMBERed as an astrologer. She wanted to be re-MEMBERed as a great writer and a poet, and this is how we choose to honor her name. Of course, all this aside, Linda WAS a great astrologer; she had the intuitive gifts necessary to grant her a place in history as arguably the best astrologer of all time. If you Love Linda and her writings, you will Love and the people who come here to honor her. Membership is free, and you are only a click away from Lindaland. Do your S-elf a favor, and join us now. All of your fellow Knowflakes are waiting to get to k-NOW you. It's warm and cozy inside, like mewing kittens, and you just might chance upon the unmistakable k-NOWing Spiritual presence of Linda her S-elf. Linda loved debate, so in her memory we do encourage debates. You are free to speak your Minds about anything, but please, use no profanity or personal insults. Linda was adamantly opposed to the medical theocracy and, in some cases, organized religion, and here in Lindaland we shall continue her legacy in those regards. As a Ram, Linda had a fiery passion for her beliefs, and we do encourage others here to do likewise. There will be no censorship here, and freedom of expression and speech rules supreme, but please be courteous and respectful of others while doing so. Linda had a talent for speaking her Mind without offending others. Let's try to do likewise. She was very opinionated, and when we debate with each other in a loving manner, we do her name justice. Peace, Light, and Love to all.

        oh !  Gooober, did you know how it made me ache inside
                        and how deeply I understood ?

it gave me a sharp loving-pain
when you tried so hard to stop the rain

                  and believed so hard that you could

—Linda Goodman in Gooberz, page 545


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